Hello world!

Hello world!
Photo by Joe Caione / Unsplash

Hey! 👋

First, thank you very much for being interested in my journey! Your support gives me a lot of motivation! ❤️

The first week🤯

It was mindblowing, I completed so many things and received so many good vibes from everyone! But also, it has been a bit chaotic from a schedule point of view.

The following week’s task is to make a consistent schedule each day - what to do when. I will make a list of what I would like to achieve each day at a minimum level. Everything above that is just a plus!👍


  • Released the next major release of Coolify.
  • I wrote a blog post about why I’ve made this move.
  • Done some freelancer work on webstudio.is. It is still in alpha, but the concept is mind-blowing!
  • I’m starting a new blog dedicated to coolLabs and have already started a post - spoiler: You do not need scalable servers at all! (the title could change 😁)

Small Bets 👀

(Trying out new things - inspired by @dvassalo)

This week I have made a 6 seconds Youtube video! 😂 (full length coming soon!)

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I’m super introverted, so it is a huge step for me.

I really enjoyed the whole process (20 mins for 6 seconds 😅 never recorded/edited a video before) and that I can add my personality to it. 🤪

For next week, I will plan another, even bigger step here. I’m afraid! 😱

Other Cool Things😎

  • Nicolas - a Coolify user - wrote a blog post about how he uses Coolify’s Traefik integration. It is insane!


Whoa. It is a lot for a week, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

Thanks for taking some time to read this issue!

Have a nice day!