The Golden Kitty Award 🀩

The Golden Kitty Award 🀩
Photo by Griffin Taylor / Unsplash

I've got an unexpected mail this week from ProductHunt.

Coolify has been nominated for the Golden Kitty Award in the Developer Tools of 2022 category! 🀯

The Golden Kitty Award is a famous award between developers and entrepreneurs. Each year, the ten best applications created and launched on ProductHunt are nominated to this list in different categories. The community can vote for a winner in each category.

It is insane! I never thought this would be possible, especially since Coolify is between huge names in this category.

This is mostly thanks to you! Without you, it won't be there. πŸ’œ

If you have a few minutes (and have a ProductHunt account), please help me upvote Coolify here.

Appreciate it! πŸ’œ

Happy coding & have a nice day! πŸ‘Ύ

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