Coolify v3, GitHub Sponsors

Coolify v3, GitHub Sponsors
Photo by Clint Patterson / Unsplash

Hey, Andras here! šŸ‘‹

A month went by & exciting stuff happened, especially with Coolify.
If you are a Coolify user, you probably noticed that your instance is already on version 3 for a while. It is because I have completely rewritten the code architecture of Coolify.

- Backend from SvelteKit's Endpoints to Fastify to be able to use advanced things like advanced integrations (you will be able to add Coolify to your usual CI/CD process), WebSockets, etc.
- Scheduling & Queue jobs from BullMq to Bree to be able to support more features, like cronjobs.

But that is not all!

Today (2022.08.11), I released version 3.2.0, which has exciting updates (you can read them here). The main points I'm excited about are:

1. Remote Docker Engine support - You can add an unlimited number of servers to one Coolify instance, use it as a control plane/dashboard, and deploy your resources like before, just on remote servers. šŸ¤Æ
2. Re-licensing from AGPL to Apache 2.0 will open windows to custom integrations that I'm super excited about! šŸ„³

Woah. It is a lot.


GitHub Sponsors:

After almost two years, my GitHub Sponsors page has been approved. So if you would like to sponsor my dreams, you can do it on GitHub (the same way on OpenCollective):

If you do not want to miss any updates, You can also join our Discord server or follow me on Twitter.

Thank you very much for all the support!

Happy coding & have a nice day!
Andras Bacsai