Coolify is live on Product Hunt!

Coolify is live on Product Hunt!
Photo by SpaceX / Unsplash

Hey, Andras here! πŸ‘‹

First, thank you for subscribing to my newsletter! It means and encourages me a lot! This is the first issue, and I had never sent out a newsletter before - excited!


Some of you were subscribed when the first version of Coolify came out. It was a long time ago! Since then, lots of things have changed, especially with Coolify.

Today, I'm launching the next version on Product Hunt! I have rewritten it from scratch and left behind all the restrictions:

coolLabs Fonts

If you heard about the recent GDPR issues of Google Fonts, you are in a good place. I've made a privacy-friendly drop-in replacement in a few hours.

It's free, GDPR-compliant (as it's not logging anything), open-sourced, and as fast as Google Fonts! Sounds exciting? Give it a try.

Happy coding & have a nice day!