August 2022: 28 new versions 🤯

August 2022: 28 new versions 🤯
Photo by ian dooley / Unsplash

Hello everyone! 👋

Initially, I thought I would send an update every week, but that would be a bit forced for me (sometimes I’m busy freelancing or taking care of my family and do not have much to share), and also I do not want to spam your inbox.

So I switch to a monthly base instead.

Here we go.


After a year of waiting for approval, coolLabs organization over Github got approved to access Github Sponsors! This is a big step to being financially sustainable because 90% of people are going to Coolify’s repository. 👍

Thanks to everyone who already supported my project over there.🙏

(Opencollective will be there as an option as well)


Small bets

  • I’ve made one-minute video about HTMX. It is just a fun video, but I really enjoyed making it and would like to make more (already have a few transcripts in my library). 🙂

I try to make more content in different forms, but it is hard to achieve and I think I found the cause.

It is related to that I worked for a big corporation for 10+ years. I need to rewire my brain to have a schedule - this is an upcoming blog post!

Thanks for taking some time to read about me and my journey!

Have a nice day!